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Yulianna Interpreter

Kharkov Interpreter and Guide - Testimonials

Darren Pitman, Sheffield
I met Yulianna by chance. That's a story in itself. We stayed in touch and I was glad we did because on my fourth trip to Kharkov I decided to give Yulianna the chance to interpret for me when meeting some girls for dating purposes. I knew that Yulianna's command of the English language was exceptional because I had met her 1 year previous. It is amazing how well she knows English. I remember thinking she was a native English girl at first, but her good looks gave the game away. She is incredibly energetic and has a natural feel good factor which makes her very easy to be relaxed with so the girls we met felt comfortable with her:) Yulianna has a very promising future as an interpreter and I can wholeheartedly recommend her without any hesitation. This girl can help you. She understands Ukraine girls and knows a lot about relationship issues. You will not be disappointed with her and you will make a good friend in the process:)

Lee Smith, Reading
I had been corresponding with a couple of girls through an internet dating site.  1 was from Kharkov and 2 were from Poltava.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out with them so I decided to try a couple of marriage agencies in Kharkov.  At the same time, I met another man who was using Yulianna's services and he recommended I try her.  She ran a newspaper advert for him and it was successful so I decided to try it too.  Now I am glad I did!  Through the newspaper ad, I met so many nice girls and overall I was very happy with Yulianna's services.  Her English is superb and she is a really wonderful person to be around.  Whenever I felt down she would soon pick me up.  Her knowledge of Kharkov is superb and she made me feel so welcome in the city.  She even told me where the night clubs were and which ones were the best!

Kharkov Interpreter and Guide